Contribute To The Site

As mentioned before, we're always looking for new scans! There are two main types of scans that we're looking for:
  • Scans of covers not featured on the site
  • Better scans of covers already on the site
  • Textless versions of any and all covers
For the first category - scans of covers not featured on the site - if you have a version of an LJ Smith book and you can't find its cover here, please, please scan it and send it in! I know that I'm missing some North American, UK and German editions, and I'm sure some of the books have been published in places I haven't heard about yet!.

For the second category - better scans of covers already on the site - well, we want to have the best possible scans of all the covers here, so just because we already have a cover in the galleries, doesn't mean that you can't help out. You might have a better scanner and be able to achieve a higher quality scan of a cover that's already here. If you do, please do send it in!

For the third category - textless versions of any and all covers - we're looking for the cover images without the title and descriptive text that has been placed on them. The main way we invision these appearing is if individuals have edited the text out themselves in Photshop/Paintshop. If you've spent hours removing text from any of the covers when making LJS-related graphics, don't let all your hard work go to waste. Send the edited file in and we'll put it up here for other people to use.

If you have any contributions for the site, then please e-mail them to me =D