About The Site

The L.J. Smith Cover Resource was opened on 08 March 2006. It's aim is to provide quality cover scans for the LJS community. In making various layouts and icons myself, I've often found it hard to get decent scans of certain books, which is how this site came around. The idea was encouraged by Sara, so thanks to her :)

This site encourages interactivity, and is always looking for new and better scans. For more information, check out the contribute section.

All scans are free to use in whatever way you see fit, but we would appreciate a link back to help other people find the site.

The current layout, version 3.0, uses various book covers from around the world, edited in Paint Shop Pro 7.0 with a texture by Rain Harbour and brushes by trash_graphics. The fonts Floydian, Helvetica, Arial and Georgia were also used.

The previous layout, version 2.0, used the fonts Verdana, Georgia and WeezerFont and was completely graphic free.

The first layout, version 1.0, used images from the German version of Witchlight and the new UK version of Soulmate, as well as a texture by tre-xture.