Welcome to The L.J. Smith Cover Resource. This site aims to provide you with high quality scans of the covers of L.J. Smiths' books from around the world. The images are (obviously - I don't own any of these images!) free to use for websites, icons etc. A link back would be much appreciated as it increases the chances of this site being found by fellow fans :)

We're always looking for better quality scans than the ones we have, which is where you come in. If you have a scanner and some LJS covers, then we need your help. If you have a cover that isn't featured here, or if you can provide a higher quality scan of a cover this is featured here, we want your help! Please take a look at the contribute section.

Cover Statistics

Current Archived Covers: 698
Current Archived Countries: 30
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Archived Wildworld Covers: 14
Archived Vampire Diaries Covers: 210
Archived Secret Circle Covers: 60
Archived Forbidden Game Covers: 29
Archived Dark Visions Covers: 27
Archived Night World Covers: 172
Archived TVD: The Return Covers: 89
Archived TVD: Stefan's Diary Covers: 68
Archived TVD: The Hunters Covers: 22
Archived TSC: The Divide Covers: 07
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Archived Textless Covers: 10
Archived Miscellaneous Scans: 34

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